Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Consignment of fake gold bars from Uganda seized at JKIA

Detectives have seized 31 boxes storing fake gold bars from Uganda at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The consignment that was on transit to various destinations around the world was brought by shadowy businesspeople at the strong room of Swissport transit freight station.

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It is at the airport where many unsuspecting clients are conned millions after they are made to believe that the goods will be delivered if they complete payments including customs and shipping charges.

“A consignment of fake gold bars has been seized by detectives, from a strong room belonging to Swissport transit freight station, at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The fake gold bars concealed in 31 boxes received from Uganda, had been stored at the airport by shadowy businessmen, dealing in the lucrative gold business on the pretext that it was cargo awaiting transit to different destinations across the world.

The phoney traders settled on Swissport freight, since it provides ground and cargo handling services in major airports across the globe, to store their fake consignments so as to avoid detection by detectives.

In a clever gold scam that has seen businessmen from across the world lose hundreds of millions of shillings, the cons have been luring unsuspecting investors to view the gold at the customs offices at JKIA, the region’s preferred international aviation hub.

Once at the airport, a prospective buyer is lured to Swissport’s strong room, where what appears to be genuine gold bars are displayed. The client is advised that once the transaction is completed, the gold will be shipped to any destination of his choice across the globe.

However, immediately the buyer is convinced that the transaction is above board and makes payments including customs and shipping costs, that marks the beginning of his tribulations.” Said DCI

The business is so coordinated that the suspects acquire housed in high end locations across the country and also acquire safety boxes from major banks in the country.

“In a well coordinated and orchestrated scheme that detectives have been monitoring closely, the fraudsters began by acquiring posh premises in high end estates, guarded round the clock by Police Officers.

It is in these upmarket establishments, where they perfected the art of international organized gold scam fraud, by luring unsuspecting genuine investors from across the world to part with millions of money in exchange of fake gold.

Detectives stormed many such premises and spoilt their party. The creative criminals thought they were smarter than detectives and acquired bank safe deposit boxes as their next safe haven.” Said DCI

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