Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Cops in City Park shooting plead non-custodial sentence

The two police officers implicated in the murder of businesswoman Janet Waiyaki have told the court that they regret the incident.

Appearing before Judge Stella Mutuku, both William Chirchir and Godfrey Kirui told that the court that they should have acted different during the incident that occurred back in 2018.

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The two also pleaded for a non-custodial sentencing as William Chirchir,36 told the court that he is father of two aged seven and one year in addition to an aging mother who depends on him.

On his part, Godfrey Kirui,28 told the court that he also a father of two and that two of his brothers depend on him. Both suspects noted that they have served as police officers diligently.

The prosecution informed that the court that the 41-year-old business lady lost his wife and has left behind two children who are alone without their mother and that they hope she will come back on day.

Two days ago, the court found the two police officers guilty of manslaughter instead of murder given the circumstances leading to the shooting incident.

The court noted that they had a choice to apply a different approach including puncturing the vehicle in order to arrest the Janet Waiyaki. They instead fired killing her and fatally injuring her niece Bernard Chege in the process.

Berryl Achieng
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