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Coronavirus cases in China drop in three consecutive days

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The number of new cases arising from the deadly coronavirus in China have declined for the third day in a row.

The decline has been attributed to the ways medical teams are handling the cases and its spread.

As on Sunday 142 new cases were reported with the number of infections rising to 2,099 in China as a country.

Currently the number of deaths resulting from coronavirus stand at 1,665 and the number of infections is 68,000.

About 500 cases of infections have been reported outside China in 30 countries as four deaths occurred in several countries including Japan, Phillipine, France and Hong Kong.

How China is controlling infections

The government through various officials have put in place strict restrictions to people in the hardest hit cities including Wuhan.

Citizens have been cut access to daily duties as a means of cutting the spread as the government finds a solution.

Chinese nationals flying to other countries have been advised to self isolate themselves for 14 days.


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