Monday, April 6, 2020
Home News & Updates Coronavirus cases in Kenya rise to 31, 3 more confirmed

Coronavirus cases in Kenya rise to 31, 3 more confirmed

Coronavirus cases in Kenya have risen to 31 after three more new cases were confirmed.

Updating the country was the Ministry of Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Mercy Mwangangi who said all the three new patients are Kenyans.

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She continued by saying that two of the three are Kilifi County while one was from Nairobi and that they had both come into contact with a positive patient.

Dr. Mwangagi confirmed that their age bracket was between the age of 30 and 61-years.

Kenyan leaders have been warned from announcing new cases as the information will be shared from one point at that is from the Ministry of Health.

Journalists enquired to know whether it is possible to know out of the 31 patients, how many are male and how many are females.

The Ministry was open to sharing the information only that they did not have the data at the moment.

Dr. Mwangangi revealed the number of people who came close to the affected now stands at 1,029.

Out of the number 123 of them have completed the 14 days quarantine period and have been released leaving the number at 906.

Officials from the ministry and the government at large is pursuing them and conduct the necessary tests.

Kilifi has been noted to be a hotspot of the virus as the government consults on how best to combat it at the county.

18 more patients have been taken in at Mbagathi pending tests to verify their health conditions.


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