Coronavirus deaths double overnight in the U.K

The number of deaths caused by coronavirus have doubled up in the U.K following the death of ten people in the last 24 hours.

This new numbers bring the total number of deaths in the U.K to 21 as fears grip citizens over the virus.

Reports from NHS where the patients were being treated revealed that they developed other complications due to their old age.

The government through the ministry of health admitted to be aware that the deaths will cause panic among citizens.

They have however emphasized on the need to follow the guidelines to ensure that infections are avoided at all cost.

At the moment the number of confirmed infections stand at 1,140 and those tested stand at 37.746.

A recent case under investigation is that of pregnant woman who gave birth and both her and the child tested positive for the virus.

It is a mystery if a baby can be infected through breast milk but experts say infections happened through the same way of contact.

Events in the country are said to go an as planned including the Grand Nation in April and Chelsea Flower in May.

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