Thursday, August 18, 2022

Coronavirus deaths rise to 811 surpassing SARS

The number of deaths caused by the deadly coronavirus has hit 811 surpassing figures recorded by the SARS virus.

Currently million of Chinese nationals are making a return to their places of work following the end of Lunar New Year celebrations.

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The government on the other hand is working around the clock to ensure they follow closely the spread of the virus by monitoring every departure.

China, a country that comes second in economy command in the is suffering losses caused by dismal trade caused by the outbreak.

Blue collar employees are being advised to work at home as business people push to reopen their businesses to cash in.

Latest figures of infections from China alone stand at 37,198 with the number of new cases reducing to 2,656 from the initial 3,000 recorded in January.

Hebei province alone has recorded 2,147 cases being the point of origin of the deadly virus.

Chinese ambassador to Britain termed the virus as a threat to mankind as he expressed hope that it is preventable and curable.

He also noted how isolation has helped to contain the situation as more health officials are being deployed to combat it.

School going children in Hebei Province have been advised to stay at home until March 1st affecting education in the country.

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