Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Coronavirus in South Korea termed highest level

South Korea has termed the coronavirus infections in the country as the highest level as more are being reported.

Addressing the nation South Korea President Moon Jae-in said the county is undergoing the toughest point of their lives.

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At the moment, the number of death caused by coronavirus have reached five as infections stand at 600.

By rising the alert to the highest level means that South Korea will be looking into ways to ensure that drastic measure are taken to combat it.

In Daegu 329 cases have been reported and connected to a Christian sect in he Southern city of the country.

169 new cases were reported on Sunday as leaders from the church expressed their deepest regret as they warned members from minimizing contact with people.

Italy and Iran are the countries reporting an increased number of infections and deaths so far.

In Italy, two people are reported to have died as the number of infections rising to 100 as at Sunday.

Several businesses and schools have been forced to suspend operations as the government looks into ways of controlling it.

Movement in and out of some cities has been restricted as sport events are been canceled including popular matches.

Iran has recorded five deaths so far as the number of confirmed infections being 29 as fear of many rising very likely.


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