Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Coronavirus update: death toll rises to 56,infections 2,000

The number of deaths resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak have risen to 56 with the number of infection rising to 2,000 as on Sunday.

President Xi Jinping of China aired his concerns as he said the whole world was working to found out to find a cure to the disaster.

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The U.S was on the other hand repatriating top officials and citizens living in the major cities in the middle of the coronavirus attack.

A research into the virus revealed to have originated from the sale of wild meat mainly from the city of Wuhan before spreading to other countries including Thailand, Japan, Australia, U.S, France and Canada.

The discovery saw the ban of sale of poached meat in places such as restaurants, markets and e-commerce websites but popular websites such as Alibaba were still selling snakes and peacocks despite the ban.

A plane from the U.S was allocating seats to private citizens who will be flown to San Francisco.

Wuhan city which has population of 11 million people was on lockdown as the government sorted to control the spread of the virus.

The locked extended to 9 other cities as public places including train stations to Disneyland was closed off.

Health officials sent text messages to citizens to avoid handshakes and instead resort to traditional greeting techniques to avoid the spread.

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