Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Court awards a man half a million over ID replacement error

A Mombasa court has made a astounding ruling that will see a Mombasa man receive Kshs500,000 on grounds of National Identity Card (ID) replacement error.

In a verdict by judge Eric Kennedy Ogola, the man is to receive the compensation from the government after evidence tabled in the court showed that the government had failed to replaced his identity card for for a period of 30 years since the man reported the issue to the registrar concerned and even travelled to Nairobi to the office of chief registrar but all were in vain.

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Judge Ogola said that the government had failed to protect the rights of its citizen as stated in the new constitution 2010. Every persons above the age of 18 is entitled to have a national Identity Card in order to receive some of the government services such as National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)_

“An order is hereby issued compelling and directing the 1st respondent (registrar of persons) to forthwith replace the petitioner’s (Gulleid) lost identity card,” the judgement read in part.

“From the foregoing, and the failure by the respondents to rebut the factual matters in the amended petition, this court finds that the petitioner has proved on a balance of probability that he was condemned unheard by the 1st respondent.”

The man who begun ID replacement process in 1989 asserted that the registrar of persons had blocked him in their system and there was no more he can do but fight for his rights in the court chambers.

The man proved that he was a Kenyan citizen by birth by producing his fathers ID, school leaving certificate and a copy of his lost identity card.

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Justus Kiprono
Justus Kiprono
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