Monday, August 8, 2022

Court cancels Sarrai Group lease to run Mumias Sugar

The High Court has canceled a 20-year-old lease issued to Sarrai group to run Mumias Sugar and ordered the group of companies to vacate Mumias premises.

According to the court orders, PV Rao should be removed as the company administrator who will now be replaced by Kareto Mirima in the next seven days.

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“Court orders cancellation of 20-year lease awarded to Sarrai Group to run Mumias Sugar Company. Sarrai ordered to vacate Mumias premises. High Court also orders PV Rao removed as administrator and asks them to handover to new administrator Kareto Mirima within 7 days.” Said Yvone Okwara

The news now puts to rest an ongoing court battle as to whether receivership manager Ramana Rao should be kicked out over alleged mismanaging the whole process.

Lawyer Judy Kimeto requested the court to conduct a fresh audit before a fresh bidding processed is done. Kimeto accused Rao of lack of competence and integrity in handling the leasing process.

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