Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Court detains activist Mutemi Kiama pending verdict

Human rights activist Mutemi Kiama will remain in detention to Thursday pending a verdict by the court as to whether he will be released or remain detained.

The activist was arrested on Tuesday following a notice bearing the picture of President Uhuru Kenyatta warning international lenders from transacting with the Head of State.

The police had already made any application seeking to detain the activist for 14 more days pending investigations into alleged misuse of Computer and cybercrime in the constituation.

Speaking on Wednesday, activist Mukami Kiama said it was time to speak up as Kenyans are suffering due to some of the government decisions.

He noted how some businesses are being affected especially DJ and restaurants and that it such people who know what it feels and not the government.

The news comes at a time when Kenyans took to IMF social media account citing high appetite by the government for loans and that they should not approve any more loans.

The government is already planning to raise the country’s debt ceiling to 9 trillion in what could see Kenyans pay more taxes to facilitate payments.


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