Court fails to stop Prof. Olive Mugenda’s appointment

The Employment and Labour Relations Court has failed to stop the appointment of Prof. Olive Mugenda, Kithinji Kiragu and Gladys Ogallo as the Non-Executive chairperson and members of Kenyatta University Teaching, referral and Research Hospital Board.

The court decision following a successful application by activist Okiya Omtatah who said their appointments should be provoked on grounds that they were subjected to an open, fair and competitive selection process.

Passing the judgment, the court said that it both the President and the Cabinet Secretary acted in good faith during the appointment.

Okiya Omtatah further claimed that Prof. Olive Mugenda is still an employee of Kenyatta University and that she cannot also be a member of Kenyatta University Teaching, referral and Research Hospital Board where both the Kenyatta University council is represented and the Vice-chancellor is a member.

In their defense, the court said that if the appointments are found to be unconstitutional then they will be provoked.

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