Home Politics Court of Appeal upholds Judge Mumbi Ngugi's rulling

Court of Appeal upholds Judge Mumbi Ngugi’s rulling

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The Court of Appeal has on Friday ruled in support of Justice Mumbi Ngugi in relation to executive leaders stay in office when charged with corruption.

Making the verdict was Judge Jamila Mohammed who upheld the High Court decision citing that it does not in way remove a Governor from office.

In a statement she said that the ruling does not imply that the judge is removing the Governor from office.

The verdict by Justice Mumbi Ngugi was applied in the graft charge levelled against Sambu Governor Moses Lenolkulal.

Judge Jamila further downplayed the issue of hefty bail charges saying that it was carefully determined by the court.

Many siting Governors have in the past been allowed to access their offices even after they has been accused of corruption.

The fact that they are able to pay the bail amount and resume office has been termed as an ill habit that goes contrary to the wish of the citizens.

The leadership and integrity act was put in place to protect the wishes of the citizens who called for fairness and proper judgement.

Same verdict also applies to sitting Cabinet Secretaries who will be found guilty of graft charges to step aside as the case proceeds.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand was the other siting judge who fell the pinch of the law when he was ordered to stay away from office.

Currently, the Deputy Governor is allowed to run the affairs of the county when the Governor is facing corruption related charges.

It is only a vote of no confidence passed by the County Assembly that impeaches a Governor from office.

The proposal is then tabled before the Senate who then make the final decision to determine his or her fate.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is the latest leader to be on sited on the cliff as County Assembly leader are proposing to impeach him.

As the county lacks a Deputy Governor, the financial state of the Nairobi is in a limbo as to who will steer it in the right direction moving forward.


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