Daima factory shut down by NEMA over untreated waste

National Environmental Management Authority, NEMA has on Tuesday closed down Daima factory for discharging untreated effluent into Nairobi River.

“@NemaKenya closes Daima indefinitely, Arrests Cooperation Manager for discharging untreated effluent into Nairobi Sewer that results into the pollution of Nairobi River.”

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NEMA has closed down Daima factory for an indefinite period of time and arrested the CEO and operations manager.

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“CEO and Operations Manager of Synresins, a chemical firm in Industrial Area arrested & factory closed for discharging hazardous waste directly into sewer and environment.”

The closure came after the environmental body was inspecting 102 discharge points along Nairobi River. During the inspections, 50% of the firms were found to have complied.

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“Nema has identified 102 discharge points along Nairobi River. Out of inspections conducted, 50% of firms have complied. Ongoing inspections is to ensure remaining have complied as per Water Quality Regulation 2006 or be shut & prosecuted,” Ag. DG Mamo B. Mamo.

They have promised to continue with the inspection and make sure that the other firms comply with Water Regulation 2006 or face closure and prosecution.

Health effects of Daima factory discharge

The closure of Daima factory comes as at a time the country is ensuring a healthy nation.

Some of the recent calls to action diseases include Cancer that is said to be caused by some poisonous Metalic effluents from factories.

The metals poison human directly when accessing water from the already polluted rivers or from crops grown in these regions.

The crops make their way to humans during consumption or through animals who we consume.

Several measures have been embarked by the government to fight cancer including a ban some meat distributors.

People have also been advised to stay away from red meat as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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