Monday, August 15, 2022

DCI arrest a man in connection to kericho gang attack

A 30 year old man has been arrested by the DCI in connection to the Kericho gang attack that left a 78 year old man and wife seriously injured.

The gang of four is said to have attacked the house with crude weapons which they used to break in before injuring the man, wife and raping their three granddaughters.

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Reporting the arrest the DCI said “Man, 30 years was arrested & +vely identified by 3 victims of the robbery in Kericho.

The gang of 4 armed with crude weapons broke into the house, severely injured a 78 years man, fatally wounded his wife aged 73yrs, robbed them of money & sexually assaulted their 3 granddaughters. “

The man was identified by the three girls aged 11, 13 and 20 years after a parade was conducted by the DCI.

Also hurt during the attack was the house help who was hit with a blunt object.

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“The three girls aged 11, 13 & 20 years, positively identified the man after an identification parade was conducted.

During the incident, the house help was also seriously hit with a blunt object. Detectives are doing everything possible to bring all the four suspects to justice.” Said the DCI

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