Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Deadly COVID-19 variant from India detected in Uganda

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has confirmed that the country has detected the deadly COVID-19 variant from India.

The confirmation does not however go into details as to how they detected it and if there are any other cases under study upon contracting the deadly virus.

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They however noted that the news was a wake up to every citizen to follow the laid down guidelines as well as get vaccinated.

“The deadly COVID-19 variant from India has been detected in Uganda. This should be a wake up call to all of us. Ensure that you follow the COVID-9 SOPs, be vigilant, protect one another. If eligible, get vaccinated now.” Said Ministry of Health Uganda.

Other countries that have confirmed the COVID-19 India variant is Romania and Switzerland raising concerns of the country’s preparedness on the virus.

Romania however confirmed that the patient with the variant was has few of the symptoms and there was no reason to panic as the mutation was mild.

Switzerland on the other hand introduced travel bans to contain the spread of the virus through airlines flying from or through India at the moment.

Italy has also introduced the travel bans as the country struggles to rise from the initial wave of the virus. India has already recorded 18 million cases of the virus, the second highest number of cases after the U.S.

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