Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Death toll from DR Congo volcano incident rises to 15

At least 15 people are feared dead following the DR Congo volcano incident as 170 children are reported missing by local authorities.

The Saturday incident saw over 500 people flee to neighboring Rwanda as 25,000 others sought refugee northwest part of the country as confirmed by United Nation.

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Even though the incident is not disastrous as that of 2002 that left over 100,000 people homeless and hundred others dead, grief rented the village of Goma affected by the red hot lava from the eruption.

According to residents, old people are among the dead as people could barely help them as they dashed to rescue their young ones from the inferno causing havoc at the time.

They confirmed that the incident caught them unaware as they run all over to rescue the little that they could before fleeing the scene as soon as possible. Five people died at the time of the incident when drivers hit on one another as they attempted to move their cars in hurry.

Local authorities are now appealing for help to assist those left homeless by providing basic needs including food and shelter especially for women and children.

Search and rescue is also underway to trace the lost children and aide those who have lost contact with their parents after the incident.

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