Defiant Waititu to construct another office to serve Kiambu residents

Governor Ferdinand Waititu has vowed he will continue to serve the people of Kiambu even after he was barred from accessing his offices.

Speaking following his release, Governor Waititu said that he will set up an office even if its under a tree that he will use to serve Kiambu residents.

The Kiambu Governors sentiments comes days after he was released on Ksh 15 million following his arrest.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

Susan Ngungu the wife to Governor Waititu was released on Wednesday after she was able to raise Ksh 4 million bail to secure her release.

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Waititu and Susan were both arrested for graft allegation that implicated eight others including Kiambu County Chief Executive Officer Lucas Mwangi.

All the suspects are accused of issuing illegal tenders worth Ksh 588 to rehabilitate infrastructure in Kiambu.

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Charges against them include abuse of office, conflict of interest and issuance of tender contrary to procurement law.

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