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Demolition of Taj Mall is underway

Demolition of Taj mall that is currently called Airgate is underway with heavy police presence to prevent any chaos that may arise.

The mall which is owned by Rameshchandra Gorasia is said to be on road reserve was given a 14 day notice to take down the building.

In his first public appearance, Mr. Gorasia dared anyone to bring down the mall saying that God will punish anyone who will come between his investments.

For five years he has been able to keep the demolition at bay but was recently served with a fifteen day notice to bring down the building.

On Saturday morning demolition began with police preventing the public from coming near the mall.

Since last month building lying on road reserves and on riparian land have been warned and issued with notices to bring them down.

Other demolitions

Ukay Mall in Nairobi owned by Kental Enterprise Limited moved to court to stop demolition of its building having been issued with a notice.

They sued National Environment Management Authority, Nairobi County Government, the Water Resources and Management Authority, National Youth Service and the attorney general.

It was not the first time they had been issued with a notice.

According Ukay managing director Mr. Bimai Shah, they had met all requirements relating to riparian land.

In 2012 their title deed was about to be provoked if not for justice David Majanja who stopped the attempt.

Corruption war

President Uhuru Kenyatta who has kept a strong fight in the war against corruption said that recently he has lost a lot of friends.

Other leaders have also encouraged the president to be tough on all corrupt officials found guilty of corruption.

Also joining the fight was opposition leader Raila Odinga who also encouraged the president to fight corruption by all means possible.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko promised to take action on any official who will found guilty in promoting corruption in any way.

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