Detectives gun down a man at Utalii College

A man has been gunned down on Thursday night during a shootout with detectives who were pursuing a lorry at Utalii College.

The lorry in question is said to have been stolen at Utawala area on 22nd July and upon searching it, a Ceska pistol with rounds of ammunition was recovered.

“A MAN was shot dead last night & THREE others escaped following a shoot out with Detectives pursuing a STOLEN Lorry. Upon searching the vehicle, a Ceska Pistol with rounds of ammunitions was recovered. The vehicle was confirmed to have been stolen from #Utawala area on 22/7/19. ” Said, DCI

Drama ensued when the detectives who were working on intelligence that the lorry was stolen tried to stop it but the driver defied the order.

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The driver even attempted to run over the police vehicle before a hot pursuit began before an exchange of fire ensured at Utalii College.

“The Detectives who had intelligence that the vehicle was stolen, stopped it but the driver defied the ORDER &even tried to run over the police vehicle. The suspects then drove off with officers on hot pursuit. An exchange of fire ensued at Utalii College &the man was fatally shot.” Said the detectives

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The man was shot as three of his accomplices abandoned the stolen motor vehicle running towards Mathare slums.

Currently, the detectives are keeping the vehicle, ammunition and the Ceska Pistol as exhibits.

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