Diana Chepkemoi, Kenyan trapped in Saudi Arabia arrives at JKIA

Diana Chepkemoi, a Kenyan lady trapped in Saudi Arabia has finally landed at JKIA in an emotional reunion involving her family.

Speaking at JKIA, Chepkemoi noted that her case was just the tip of the iceberg as she called on the government to act swiftly and rescue other Kenyans suffering in Saudi Arabia.

She continued by confirming how other ladies have suffered to the extent that they cannot even remember their names.

“If I can just be honest, my case was just the tip of the iceberg people are suffering there. I plead with the government to do something, people there are being mentally tortured and its a shame being told that your government can do,” said Diana

According to Diana Chepkemoi, her troubles began when she fell out with her boss and reported the matter to her agent only to find no solution. It was after the incident that her employer knew that she could not get any help and literally owned her.

Her employer even confirmed to her that she was going to work until her contract was over as she threatened to jail her as she had the power.

Diana promised to push for a total ban on labour export to Saudi Arabia. “We’re going to implore total ban on labour export to Saudi Arabia,” said Diana

The case of Diana was first shared on social media highlighting her journey before and after landing in Saudi Arabia. Kenyans urged leaders to ensure her safety and bring her back to the country.

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