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Diana Marua reveals life as a side chic, dating a married man

Diana Marua has openly revealed her flaws and that she was once was side chick and that she dated a married guy before meeting Bahati.

Taking on her You Tube channel, the mother of two revealed her dark past which is now behind her as she thanked God for the journey to where she is at the moment.

Before meeting Bahati, Diana admits to have been living the fast life of dating many men who could provide money for her expenses. “I used to have a man for rent, for food.” said Diana

The reason behind all that was not only that she wanted the life but she wanted to sustain her father pay for his rent as well as hers and providing for her sister and kids.

As for the married man, he was always there for her and provided her with the cash but deep down she felt bad about it admitting she will not want the same thing to happen to her when she is married.

Luckily she met Bahati who confessed his love but she would burden her with the expenses which amounted to Ksh 60,000 monthly.

Young Bahati felt the pain and the two discussed about it and it was at that point that she committed to loving him unconditionally.

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