Diesel tanker overturns in Limuru as locals rush to siphon fuel

A diesel tanker has on Saturday morning overturned in Limuru, Kiambu County as locals rushed to the scene to siphon the spilled oil.

The 1 am incident is reported to have occurred when the driver of the tanker lost control before veering off the road in Kamandura, Kiambu County.

Even after the accident, no deaths and injuries have so far been confirmed as police took over the situation.

The August 27th accident occurred months after a similar accident happened a kilometer away bursting into flames injuring seven people and reducing seven vehicles to ashes.

Kenyans have once again been warned against rushing to the scene to siphon oil as a simple mistake could set them and the whole scene on fire causing an unimaginable amount of damage.

Back in 2009, 130 people perished when a fuel tanker burst into flames at Sachangwan along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

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