Donald Trump defends daughter’s use of private emails

United States President Donald Trump has come out to defend daughter’s use of private emails terming it very innocent.

Speaking on Thursday Donald Trump termed the allegations as fake news.

Ivanka Trump is reported to have used her personal account to send hundreds of emails to cabinet officials, White House aides and personal assistants. Many of the emails are said to contain government business as well as scheduling.

The use of private emails is termed as violation of federal record rules.

It will be remembered that during the 2016 elections, Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for the use of personal emails or official businesses.

Comments and chants are currently being made calling for locking up of Ivanka Trump over the issue.

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Donald Trump who was at Mar-a-Lago confirmed that she had spoken to her daughter but his stand was that she done nothing wrong.

Trump was quoted saying that the emails were very innocent and had been used for a very short period of time.

He continued by saying that atleast she did not delete any of that unlike what her rival Hillary Clinton was reported to have been deleted and what was recovered later on by the FBI during investigation.

White House ethics officials have gathered Ivanka’s emails to probe into an ongoing public records lawsuit.

Ivanka’s private lawyer’s spokesman said in a statement that she did not create any server in her house or office, no classified information was transmitted and no emails were deleted with all emails being retained in accordance with records preservation laws.

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