DPP Haji orders the arrest of former Kasarani MP

DPP Haji has ordered the arrest of twenty-six individuals and entities including former ODM member Elizabeth Ongoro and husband Ferdinand Masha.

The arrest of the named individuals follows an inquiry by EACC into allegations of misappropriation of funds with respect to the construction of Kasarani Girls High School using CDF funds.

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A total of Ksh 48,907,826/= is reported to have been embezzled as the project in question never took off in the first place.

EACC also established that the contracts were awarded contrary to procurement laws as individuals and companies were paid off in return.

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Upon completion of their investigation, the Commission submitted their findings to DPP Haji who granted consent for the arrest of the 26 individuals and entities.

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The suspects will be charged with;

  1. Conspiracy to commit an offense of corruption
  2. Misappropriation of public funds
  3. Abuse of office
  4. Engaging in a project without prior planning
  5. Unlawful acquisition of public property
  6. Willful failure to comply with the law of procurement
  7. Fraudulent acquisition of public property
  8. Dealing with suspect property contrary to section 47(2) of Anti-corruption and  Economic Crimes Act
  9. Conflict of interest.

Two suspects have already been arrested by the commission and they include;

  1. Kefa Omanga Omai – Former Kasarani District Development Officer.
  2. Jacinta Okoth Apondi – Former Kasarani CDF Committee member

Those requested to present themselves at the Integrity Centre include;

  1.  Elizabeth Ongoro            – Former MP, kasarani
  2. Mwalimu Rashid Mrafi    – Former Fund manager Kasarani CDF
  3. Ruth Kanini Kitonyi       – Former Kasarani District Development Officer
  4. Silvan Onyango              – Former CDF Committee Member
  5. Pamela Mudha                 – Former CDF Committee Member
  6. Nashon Odongo               – Former Provincial Accountant, Nairobi
  7. Claperton Ouda               – Former CDF Committee Member
  8. Douglas Parshet               – Former Fund manager Kasarani CDF
  9. Vitalis Obunga                 – Former Regional Accountant, Nairobi
  10. Ferdinand Masha Kenga   – Businessman
  11. Maricus Otieno                 – Businessman
  12. Peter Aming                     – Businessman
  13. Maurice Orongo               – Businessman
  14. William Ogutu Weda        – Businessman
  15. James Juma Ochieng       – Businessman
  16. Peter Ongeyo                   – Businessman
  17. Charles Owino                  – Businessman
  18. John Obonyo Owinga      – Businessman
  19. James Miruka Dola           – Businessman

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