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DPP,lawyer Nelson Havi involved in a heated Twitter argument

The DPP and lawyer Nelson Havi have on Thursday been involved in a heated Twitter argument due to the lawyer’s previous remarks.

Lawyer Nelson had been reprimanded by the court forallegedly attacking the DPP on social media on 26th March.

A five judge bench reprimanded the lawyer for allegedly accusing the DPP of paying bloggers to spread false information about Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

“Court reprimandslawyer Nelson Havi for attacking the DPP on social media without facts orevidence. The 5-Judge Bench reprimanded Havi for accusing DPP of payingbloggers to spread false information about DCJ Philomena Mwilu.  “ Said the DPP.

Later on the DPP posted on Twitter requesting lawyer NelsonHavi to deny with a yes or no answer If he was reprimanded by the Honorable Courton Thursday.

“Do you deny that youwere reprimanded by the Honorable Court (today) in respect of your offensiveand inaccurate tweet dated 26th March 2019 referring to the DPP? Kindlyrestrict your answer to YES or NO.” Said the DPP

Replying the DPP,lawyer Nelson Havi accused the DPP sentiments saying that they were meant to coercehim and that he should stop spreading propaganda.

“Your request to the Court was intended to coerce me to withdraw my tweets. The Court rejected your request. Stop spreading propaganda, the world is alive to it.” Said lawyer Nelson Havi.

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DPP,lawyer Nelson Havi involved in a heated Twitter argument
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