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Dr. Dre in ICU at L.A after suffering a brain aneurysm

Music mogul Dr. Dre has been admitted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering a brain aneurysm as confirmed by TMZ.

According to TMZ, the 55-year-old suffered the brain aneurysm on Monday before an ambulance was called in taking him directly to the hospital where he was taken to the ICU.

Doctors at the facility have so far run a number of tests to establish the cause of the bleeding which still remains unknown to them.

Currently, Dr. Dre is entangled in a messy divorce with his wife Nicole who demands a monthly spuosal agreement of 2 million dollars in addition to 5 million dollars to carter for legal fees.

The requests have been termed outlandish by the music mogul who claims to have covered all her expenses to date despite the divorce case.

Nicole has also called on the court and the preceding judge to ignore the prenuptial agreement saying that Dr. Dre ripped it apart during their marriage.

The musician has so far denied the claims and is expected to be absent during the hearing set for Wednesday this week.

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