Dr. Ezekiel Mutua survives a near heart surgery

Kenya Films and Classification Board boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has this week undergone near heart surgery following an alleged clot in his heart.

Ezekiel Mutua termed it the most dreadful week in his life following a checkup in the hospital with minor chest congestion and flu only to be declared an emergency case.

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“I have had the most dreadful week in my life and if the devil had his way I would probably by now have had surgery to remove an alleged clot in my heart.

I had checked myself into a hospital a week ago with minor chest congestion and flu. But after some tests, I would be declared an emergency case with an urgent referral to a cardiologist.” Said, Dr. Mutua

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His blood pressure had shot up to 157/86 from the normal 120/80 same to his heart rate that was at 115 beats per minute from the normal 60-80.

At that time Dr. Ezekiel Mutua’s thoughts were at his family, parents back in the village, the many people who depend on him and lots of unfinished business he has.

Even though the news was horrifying, Dr. Mutua defied the doctor’s advice feeling convinced that he should seek a second opinion on the matter.

Having walked out of the ward, he spent the whole week talking to medical professionals both locally and abroad.

His board of directors at KFCB recommended him to travel to India for a thorough checkup but his strong belief led him to one incredible doctor.

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On Saturday he received a phone call referring him to one Dr. Saleem Bagha, a Consultant Physician/Cardiologist at the Aga Khan University Hospital Doctor’s Plaza.

It was through Dr.Bagha that the KFCB boss has received hope and through God, he has received a second chance in life.

He thanked everyone who took their time to pray for him as he confirms Dr. Bagha has become a family friend.

“People like Dr. Bagha represent the best of humanity. They use their expertise to give hope and not fear. I am grateful to have ended up in his hands.

I am being attended to as an outpatient and in two days there’s so much change. Dr. Bagha has even become a family friend, the kind you want to keep for life. May God bless him for me!” Said, Dr. Mutua

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