Ebola claims another life in Uganda

A second person has been reported dead in Uganda following the outbreak of Ebola in the region.

The deceased has been identified as the grandmother to the five-year old boy who passed away on Wednesday from Ebola.

An isolation facility has already been established Bwera General Hospital in Kasese district were the outbreak has hit hard in recent days.

The first case that led to fears of an outbreak was that of a five-year old boy who later succumbed to the virus.

The boy is said to have returned with the mother from Congo where they had gone to take care of the boy grandfather who later on succumbed to the virus.

WHO is working closely with health officials in Uganda to test as many people as possible in order to combat the deadly Ebola virus.

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The Kenyan Government on the other hand has taken preventive measure by equipping its borders with thermo scanners to check all visitors coming into the country.

In Congo alone, over 2,000 people are reported to have been infected while 1,000 others are feared dead.

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