Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Eight robbery with violence suspects escape Thika police

Police have launched a manhunt for eight robbery with violence suspects who escaped Thika police cell on Wednesday night.

“Seven robbery with violence suspects are on the loose after escaping from police custody, in a daring break out at Thika police station last night.” Said DCI

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According to the police, one of the offenders pretended to have diarrhea caused by a bowel infection before the nine of them attacked the officer on duty, stealing the key of the main door of the cell and out of the station.

“In an ingenious plot hatched by the capital offenders, one of the remandees feigned sickness claiming to have a bout of diarrhea, as a result of a bowel infection.

According to the cell sentry who was on duty, the rest of the remandees pleaded with him to accompany their accomplice to the lavatory, before he soiled the entire cell.

Little did the officer know that his prisoners had hatched a plot to escape from custody. No sooner had he opened the door than the nine escapees attacked him with blows and kicks, before forcibly taking away keys to the main door leading to the cells.” Said DCI

It still remains a puzzle as to how the nine namely Livingstone Njau, Francis Matheri, Allan Mugai, Charles Mitaru, John Murege, Eric Ngigi, Arthur Kayemba and Bunton Mbugua escaped as the police officer on duty was arrested to shed more light into the incident.

“How 8 of the 9 capital offenders walked to freedom in a highly guarded facility, is what detectives based in Thika are currently trying to establish, not ruling out the possibility of an inside job.

Livingstone Njau, Francis Matheri, Allan Mugai, Charles Mitaru, John Murege, Eric Ngigi, Arthur Kayemba and Bunton Mbugua all escaped in the 10pm incident. The 9th prisoner Joseph Nyaguthii, was however rearrested by traffic standby personnel, approximately 500 metres from the station, as the rest escaped under the cover of darkness.

The capital offenders all with pending robbery with violence were being held at the station from the Industrial Area GK prison, pending court appearance. Meawhile, the cell sentry who was attacked by the fleeing thugs is currently in custody at the same police station, assisting detectives with investigations.” Said DCI

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Berryl Achieng
Berryl Achieng
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