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El Chapo news: Mexican cartel release drug lord’s son

El Chapo news. Security forces in Mexico came under heavy attack when armed men forced the release of drug kingpin Joaquin El Chapo Guzman’a son.

The heavily armed attackers are said to have attacked security forces from prison causing a massive prison break.

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Gunbattle continued around the city as they torched vehicles and a petrol station forcing the police to retaliate in order to save lives.

Joaquin El Chapo was recognized as one of the gunmen who broke into the house to release his son.

More El Chapo news. The Thursday events follow the deaths of more than ten police officers by the cartel as the army managed to kill about 14 of them.

It was a moment of pressure for President Andres Manuel as it portrayed the country’s inability to fight the cartel.

In addition to that, it showed how the forces and government could have been bribed and blackmailed as they took control.

Police radios were also intercepted as they knew each and every move of them leading to their attack.

Guzman is a wanted criminal in the US with charges leveled against him include drugs, illegal possession of firearms and first-degree murders among others.

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