Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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El Salvador expels Venezuela diplomats under Maduro

Diplomats from Venezuela have been ordered to leave El Salvador in the next 48 hours by president Nayib Bukele.

The diplomats order by President Bukele follows his statement saying that they do not recognize Mr. Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate president.

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Instead Mr. Bukele recognizes Mr. Guaido as the legitimate president following the recent elections in Venezuela.

In his speech, Bukele said they will receive the next bunch of diplomats selected by Mr. Guaido himself.

Hell broke lose in Venezuela when Mr. Maduro was elected the president as his opposer termed it unfair. Several people died during the protest.

The international community has been against Maduro’s election due to his tactics to overpower the opposition in representation in the parliament.

Those against him saw a rough time as they were either blocked from leaving the country or those who left found peace abroad.

Countries like China and Russia are however in favor of Mr. Maduro who accuses the US of trying to kill him.

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