Ellen surprises Achieng Agutu from Kisumu, Kenya(Video)

Ellen DeGeneres has surprised one of her fans by the name Achieng Agutu who comes from Kisumu, Kenya.

Ellen first admits to having noticed Achieng from her dance moves just before the show began before she invited her over.

She then asks the beautiful Achieng to introduce herself and it’s at that point where she admits to knowing her very well.

Achieng Agutu moved to the USA five years ago and she has been living with her host family. Her family still lives in Kenya.

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She works three jobs a day with one being a full time job from 9 to 5 as an admission counselor and the other two being a baby sitter for two families, an Uber driver and an English teacher

It is after the introduction that Ellen surprises Achieng by bringing her family on stage to meet her after two years of being apart.

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