Thursday, May 13, 2021

Emmanuel Macron calls for ‘clear red lines’ against Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on International communities to draw ‘clear red line’ during his interview with CBS.

The interview which is set to be released on Sunday also saw the French President say that sanctions are part of the package that comes in if Russia crosses the line.

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He was speaking as he agreed with US President Joe Biden who has agreed to open dialogue with President Vladimir Putin as a way to resolve the tension between the two countries.

“We have to define clear red lines with Russia. This is the only way to be credible. Sanctions are not sufficient in themselves but sanctions are part of the package” Said Macron.

Macron was speaking in reference to a previous line of action the country took before against Russia where the disagreed on the country’s border and security issues.

At the moment, both Russia and the US are locked in a fierce diplomatic dispute following allegations by President Joe Biden that they were involved in cyber crime and elections in support of then President Donald Trump.

Biden has already sent packing 10 diplomats from Russia as he threatens to impose sanctions as an addition punishment for their involvement.

Ukraine is also involved in diplomatic dispute over Russia deployment of security forces at their border causing high tension and heavy fighting as condemned by other countries including Germany.

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