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EPRA calls to an end gas cylinder exchange

Energy andPetroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has called to an end the era of gascylinders as illegal.

LiquidPetroleum Gas (LPG) owner wishing to exchange one brand with another arerequired to get an approval from the regulator.

The newrules by EPRA follows an end to the mandatory exchange of gas cylinders thathas been replaced by mutual cylinder exchange system.

Buyers wishing to exchange cylinders will be required to make cash deposits of Ksh 2,170.03 and 3,588.86 for 6kg and 13 kg respectively.

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In 2009, apooling system was put in place allowing the exchange of cylinders duringrefilling but cases of gas cylinder theft have been on the rise.

EPRA imposedfines of Ksh 500,000 last year to curb illegal dealers as they hope the newrules will enhance consumer safety.

EPRA calls to an end gas cylinder exchange
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