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Erick Omondi mourns his brother(Photo)

Comedian Erick Omondi is a sad man after his elder brother passed away today morning.

Joseph Onyango Omondi was a drug addict(cocaine) a story that was never known until Erick Omondi revealed via a video of him and his brother.

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In the video Erick  first introduces himself before before explaining that he would like to introduce his brother who has been away from home for a while due to drug addiction.

Barely 12 hours after the video made rounds,Erick Omondi posted the sad news that his brother is dead.

“This is not the last image I would have wanted to post of my brother… But this is definitely the image I want every young person in this Country to see!!! Joseph Onyango Omondi passed on this morning around 3am, barely 12 hours after I found him in Downton River Road. He was addicted to Cocaine and other substances and was in and out of Rehab for the past 19 years.”Erick Omondi said through Instagram.


People took to Erick’s wall to pass their message of condolences 

“May he rest in peace.Thank ericomondi for your courage to help young people”

“Oh no. My condolences.”

“May his soul rest in peace.”

 “Pole Sana bro”

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