Friday, January 24, 2020
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Essex truck: 39 bodies believed to be Chinese nationals

New revelations into the truck container found in Essex with 39 dead bodies reveal the dead are all Chinese nationals.

Essex Police believe the dead are Chinese nationals as further investigations continue into the mysterious dead bodies in the truck.

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The driver of the lorry identifies as Mo Robinson is still in custody on suspicion of the deaths.

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Police from Northern Ireland have also started their investigations as they raided three houses suspected to be harboring a suspected ring.

Initial claims that the lorry came from Belgium has been ruled as a possibility as no clear evidence indicates that it really came from there.

Back at home where the driver of the lorry comes from neighbors are in shock as efforts to reach his further have turned futile.

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They just hope that he will be found innocent and that the real killers be brought to book and face justice.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson termed the incident horrific as he continues to receive updates through his office.

Belgium authorities have also begun investigations into the transport industry as it still remains unclear where and when the bodies were put into the truck

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