Esther Arunga sentenced to 10 months in prison

Former KTN presenter Esther Arunga has been freed from the murder charges of her three-year-old son Sinclair.

According to Justice Burns, Esther Arunga will serve 10 months in prison before she is released on parole.

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Arunga admitted being an accessory of murder where her husband Quincy Timberlake is said to have hit their son to death.

Even though her change in a statement did not affect the judgment, it however delayed investigations into the 2014 incident.

During that time Esther Arunga was noted to have dialed Australian emergency number triple zero only to inform the emergency team that her son had fell off the stairs.

Autopsy results, however, revealed that the boy died of force blunt trauma in his abdomen and resembled nothing like a fall.

Esther Arunga admitting to being an accessory

Admitting to being an accessory to murder, Arunga said that on June 17th she went to the bathroom only to find Quincy hitting the boy in the stomach.

He then threw him against the wall as he said there was a devil in his stomach he had to get it out.

The court was informed that Esther Arunga could not speak up earlier due to fear.

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“I was terrified of being alone and I felt terrible because my husband was sick as well,” she told the police.

What parole terms to Esther Arunga mean

A person is released on parole if certain conditions are met before serving the rest of the sentence in the community subject to certain conditions.

Some of the parole conditions include reporting to the parole officer as per the number of days ordered before getting consent on where to work or live.

A person is also required to inform the parole officer whenever there is a job change or any changes to his travel.

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