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Esther Passaris asked on a coffee date by a young man

A young man by the name Barno has kindly invited Women Representative Esther Passaris for a coffee date.

Barno admits to having been wooed by the Esther Passaris’ beauty before proceeding to ask her out for a coffee date.

Moved by the young man’s offer, Passaris plays hard to get requesting three reasons why she should accept the date.

She then quotes a Barno’s pickup before accepting the date indirectly saying she likes her coffee hot

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“You got to give me three reasons why I should have a coffee with you? “You are so hot ma’am” won’t cut it. Though I do like my coffee hot.” Said Passaris.

Esther Passaris inviited for a Coffee date on Twitter
Esther Passaris and ODM leader Raila Odinga

Responding to another anonymous user on Twitter, the Women Rep says that she is driven by work and alone and that her coffee breaks are limited to work, solutions, family and close friends.

“Not good enough reasons. Sorry. I am driven by work and work alone. I am driven by solutions not problems. My ‘coffee breaks’ are limited to work, solutions, family and close circle of friends. Better luck next time. You need to work on your pitch.” Said Passaris

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