Ethiopian Airline crash:fresh details emerge

Details have started to emerge on the last moments Ethiopian plane heading to Kenya crashed moments after takeoff from Addis Ababa.

The anti-stalling system has been blamed for the horrific disaster of the 737 Max after failing killing all the 157 passengers on board.

Reports indicate that the plane’s nose pitched down moments after takeoff before one pilot told the other to pitch up.

According to Wall Street Journal, the pilot was heard telling the other to pitch up when the radio on the plane went dead.

Horrific crash

The horrific crash of the Ethiopian airline has been attributed to a huge failure that overwhelmed the pilots of the ill-fated plane.

Investigations indicate that the anti-stalling system was activated at the time of the crash.

The crash has been compared to that of Lion Air of Indonesia last year in October where all 189 occupants perished in the horrific crash.

Investigations into the Lion Air indicate that the anti-stalling system failed causing a pitch down.

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Currently Boeing 737 Max has been grounded world wide over concerns of its safety.

Boeing system update

Boeing company came out to apologize the Ethiopian Airline incident and also announce a system update on all its 737 Max planes.

The system upgrade will be done at no extra charge and will ensure no such issues mentioned in Lions Air and the Ethiopian Airline ever repeats itself.

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