Evo Morales: Bolivian president seeks asylum in Mexico

Troubled Bolivia President Evo Morales has boarded a plane to Mexico where he will be seeking asylum as the country is facing riots and protests.

Morales was confirmed to have left Bolivia through a small town called Chimore through a Mexican government aircraft.

The president vowed to make a return into the country with more power and strength after losing power on Sunday following allegations of fraud.

Things fell apart for the 60-year old former farmer who was exposed through a report by the Organization of America States who said the October 20th elections were nothing but a fraud.

The report further cited serious security breaches that were handled during the elections as they requested for another free and fair election.

The news sparked outrage among thousands of his supporters who marched to La Paz as police stepped in to control things.

Roadblocks were set up as panic and fear grappled legislators in the country on Monday.

Things took a different twist on Tuesday as the thousands of protesters marched to the city center vandalizing and looting items.

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