Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ex-rugby player Alex Olaba pleads not guilty to murder plot

Former rugby player Alex Olaba has on Monday pleaded not guilty to an alleged plot to murder as he appeared before a Nairobi court.

Alaba was however detained for seven days by Magistrate Francis Andayi pending his bail application hearing.

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The suspect was arrested alongside fellow rugby player Frank Wanyama over allegations of gang raping a young lady during a party at one apartment in the city. The two were later on sentenced to 15-years in prison before challenging the ruling.

Following their release, Alex Olaba is reported to have been planning the execution of one of the key witnesses in the trial both directly and indirectly as revealed before the court.

Detectives laid down a trap which he is alleged to have fallen into as he attempted to hire a hit man to complete the task. He was arrested at Madaraka estate according to court documents.

On Monday, his lawyer pleaded with the court to transfer his client to less crowded police station but the Magistrate was convinced by the prosecution team to detain him at Kilimani police station.

Alex Olaba’s lawyer further requested for lenient bail terms as his client is not a flight risk and neither has he absconded court sessions.

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