Ex Sudan President in court to answer corruption charges

Former Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has arrived in court at the capital Khartoum to face corruption charges.

The former President arrived under heavy security to answer to corruption charges and receiving gifts illegally.

A defense team of the former Sudan president, term the charges baseless even after 93 million dollars in different currencies were found at his home.

Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power in April 2019 after 30 years of rule as the army took charge of the country.

Protest filled the country causing the deaths of over 100 people which the Sudanese army has strongly downplayed.

Last week the military council signed a landmark power-sharing pact with civilian opposition alliance.

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In the new deal, the power will slowly be transferred to civilians who will eventually bring back the electoral system into the country.

Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagolo has not only agreed to abide by the terms but also rubbished claims of mass murder.

In an interview with BBC, Dagolo said his army has been able to save more lives in the country a record that speaks for itself.

When asked as to whether he is aware he might face charges in an International Court, he said all he has done is to help the country in so many ways.

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