Ezekiel Mutua bans Kiss FM among others in school vehicles

Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has banned Kiss FM among four other stations from being played in school vehicles.

Speaking during a crackdown of motor vehicles lacking exhibiting licenses, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua pointed out how school-going children are exposed to immorality.

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He went further to name four stations that is Kiss FM, Radio Jambo, Classic 105 and Ghetto Radio for using adult language as reported by Kahawa Tungu.

Mutua warned of serious consequences if public means of transport are found promoting such content.

The KFCB boss was speaking following a series of complaints that he has received from members of the public on how pornographic material, loud music, and adult content is being used in Matatus.

The stories of agony told by passengers in PSVs are very disturbing. The display, exhibition or playing of pornographic content, loud music and foul language used on passengers presents an image of a public transport sector gone rogue.

“Some matatus have become theatres for pornographic content and are destroying our youths, especially students, some of whom simply spend the whole day consuming this content.”

All public means of transport have been advised to remove all television screens until when they get an exhibition permit which costs Ksh 2,000 a year.

That being not over, he advised the playing of family-friendly content at all times.

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