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Facebook block accounts of President Bolsonaro’s allies

Tech giants Facebook have been forced to block accounts President Jair Bolsonaro’s allies following an order issued by a Brazilian court.

The owners of the account are accused of spreading fake news about Judges in the country and even call for a military coup to shut down the courts in the country.

Other than Facebook, Twitter had also been ordered to close 16 accounts linked to Bolsonaro’s allies.

Zuckerberg’s led account was fined 280,000 dollars for failing to bock the accounts and a daily 100,000 dollars every day if they fail to implement the orders.

They have however promised to take the matter to court to challenge freedom of speech on their platform.

The news come at a time when both Twitter and Facebook are under immerse pressure to control hate speech in the world through their accounts.

According to Facebook, the move will mean all accounts linked to such accusations will be blocked which is contrary to jurisdictions under them.

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