Facebook moderators to receive $80M in mental damages

Tech giants Facebook has agreed to pay its moderators $80 million in psychological caused by disturbing images and video on the platform.

In 2018 a class suit was tabled before the court by third party contractors of Facebook who said the company had failed to protect the moderators from things ranging from animal cruelty, terrorism, beheading and sexual abuse.

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The suit against the Tech giants claimed compensation of up to $1,000 per person according to court documents.

Those who have already been diagnosed with the psychological damages and received treatment for it could see them receive as high as $50,000 each.

Facebook addressed the issue thanking all their moderators for the job well done to make the social life a safe environment for everyone.

They continued by extending their support to each and every moderator through it and ensure their mental health is protected.

Chris Gray who works from Ireland for a company contracted by the Tech giants was the first one to file the suit.

He claimed over time he realized his mental health was slowly becoming an issue that needed to be addressed.

He gave examples of how he could get angry over petty issues over time without any knowledge of where it all came from.

Facebook has however tried to install high technology that has been able to flag about 4.7 updates of pictures and videos.

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