Fan body shamed by Akothee after insulting her family

Madam boss aka gas cylinder has on Thursday body shamed a fan who came after her family. The lady who goes by the name Cherope7 on Instagram found herself in hot soup after some hurtfull comments that didn’t go well with Akothee.

In the picture posted Cherope is seen to have posed for a picture on the sea shore in her swim suit.

Sarcastically Akothee introduces the fan by saying “enjoy 2 minutes fame its Thursday (this is beauty, Madam beauty , bikini and swim suits are not meant for beautiful people like you , it’s meant for moving museums like Akothee , who will pop out 6 pacs any other day after popping 5 and not struggling with hiding some extra meat”

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According to madam boss, Cherope operates several fake accounts where she uses one for insults and another one for replying on Instagram.

Akothe then continued by saying “you have only one child and you look like a bale of cloth , madam what’s wrong ? so next time before you throw stones to a dog , remember some dogs might have not eaten in a while , that’s why they left with half of your arse , madam beauty! I can’t differentiate your breast from your belly are you bloated ? with your plastic wig,looking lost ? why is your hair starting from the middle of your head? Iron deficiency! why is your upper body bigger than your down , it must be feeling funny , next time you touch on any of my family , I will clean you dry , mbuta ngama ongwenyo siandani pier guok come beatme madam cherop7, go open 10 pseudo accounts on your groups so you be insulting with one and replying with the other one , the problem is you will still remain chero7 with 7 waist bands and half sliced arse , you can forget bikini fir the rest of your life if you dont change your’s not a miracle its attitude.I can see the hunger in you trying to walk naked but the meat though, nyamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, nyamareeeeeeeee”

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