Fatuma Zarika vs Catherine Phiri: Zarika retains WBC championship

The much-awaited fight between Fatuma Zarika of Kenya and Catherine Phiri of Zambia ended in favor of the host.

The highly contested WBC championship fight started at a high note with the crowd cheering at their home fighter Fatuma Zarika.

Catherine Phiri started fast in her punches in the first round sending a message of who she was before losing the belt to Zarika.

Fatuma nearly lost her balance after receiving a heavy blow in the head but she was quick to recover and continue with the fight.

FAtuma Zarika vs Catherine Phiri of Zambia.Fatuma retains WBC tittle
Fatuma Zarika and Catherine Phiri of Zambia

Even though Phiri was quick and fast in punches, less of them landed on Zarika as the Kenyan looked slow but fierce.

Come the 9th round, Zarika started moving, making good runs and hitting the target as it should be as she led four points adrift of Phiri.

In the 10th and last round Zarika was stronger and punched herself to winning the fight and retaining the WBC title.

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