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FBI arrest a man for demonstrating how to build a bomb

FBI agents have arrested a man from Arizona for allegedly demonstrating to undercover agents how to build a bomb.

Ahmad Suhad Ahmad now faces one count of distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices and weapons of mass destruction after show casing to the agents how it will be detonated in Mexico.

The Arizona man is scheduled to appear before Magistrate Judge Erick Markovich in the US District Court of Arizona on Friday at 10:00.

Ahmed is said to have informed a FBI agent that he has learned to make a cellphone bomb back in 2016 following the war in Iraq. Upon further inquiry, Ahmed agreed to show the agent how make a bomb that will be detonated in Mexico.

In April 2017 Ahmed is said to have shown the FBI agent cellphone images of bomb making materials that were in Arabic that he would translate according to court documents produced.

He further demonstrated the steps to be taken to construct the bomb.

Ahmed then traveled to Las Vegas with the original source and two undercover FBI agents where he took them through the process of building a bomb.

He then built the first bomb in a couple of hours before demonstrating to on agent on how to build the second one.

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