Female police in Zimbabwe ordered not to wear miniskirts

Female police officers in Zimbabwe have been ordered not to wear miniskirts in order to maintain professionalism on duty.

The assistant director in charge of legal and professional standards issued the order saying that women have a standard length of uniform to wear on duty.

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The news comes a time when some female police officers In Zimbabwe were spotted rocking miniskirts.

Zimbabwe inflation rise as fuel prices increase

Fuel prices in Zimbabwe shot up again by 12% for the second time in just a month worsening the living standards in the country.

The inflation rate as of August was a record 300% as reported by IMF officials who were in the country.

Plans are underway by workers union to demonstrate after the government turned down their request to be paid in US Dollars.

Electricity prices in the country have increased at a new high of 320%, increasing the cost of commodities.

Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority did not give an explanation for the increased prices.

The Central Bank of Zimbabwe has stepped in promising to issue new currencies to ease transactions in the country.

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Berryl Achieng
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